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(This works even for complete newbies who have absolutely no Christmas crafting skills)

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Look At The Endless Crafts You Could Learn...

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Candles

Christmas Tutu Skirt, Bow & Shoes

Custom Wrapping Paper

Personalized Christmas Cards

Door Wreath

Diva Tree

Christmas Party Favors

Christmas Tissue Rolls

Custom Gift Boxes

Small Call to Action Headline

Diva Wreath Style #2

Coffee Candy Mug

Christmas Ornaments

Diva Wreath

Christmas Tumbler With Topper

M&M Ornaments

Santa Sack

Santa's Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

And Here's What We'll Cover During The Challenge... 

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 Learn the crafting hacks for Christmas must-haves that'll boost your sales like never before. 
Get let in on the most effective Christmas marketing and sales strategies for maximum profits. 
Discover the art of designing Christmas items, even if you're a newbie! Say goodbye to shelling out big bucks on Etsy designs!
 Pull back the curtain on who you should be selling to and what their unique pain points are, so you can close more sales than ever before. 
LIVE Streams
 Get FREE access to LIVE streams with our proven crafting and sublimation coaches who'll put you on the fast track to success. 
Bawse Community
 Join a group of ambitious craft bawses on a mission to make the most out of Christmas 2023.  

"Success belongs to those who take action, not to those who sit and watch from the sidelines. 
Are you a doer or a spectator?"
- Cassandra Smith

How The Christmas Challenge Works: 

The FREE Christmas Challenge for Crafters is your ticket to a winter wonderland of crafting magic!

Dive into an online workshop tailored to empower you with the crafting skills you need to design and market Christmas-themed craft items perfect for festive celebrations.

Every day at 9 am est, from October 2nd to 6th, you'll get to tune into our special LIVE streams and be part of a jolly community mentored by world-class coaches. 

They'll guide you step-by-step on how to craft, design, market, and sell unique Christmas items.

The jingle bells ring loudest on the first 2 days which are FREE for all festive crafters.

For an extra sprinkle of Christmas magic, Days 3 - 5 comes along with replays of the challenge and other winter wonders, which are exclusively available to our VIP elves.

And for our VIP Plus elves, we've got 2 more extra days, jam-packed with valuable classes you can't get anywhere else. 

Join our merry band of crafters who are on a festive mission to make winter 2023 sparkle brighter than ever!

🎁 Spots are as limited as Santa's Good Kid List - grab yours now! 🦌🌟

Here’s What You’ll Uncover Each Day Of The FREE
Christmas Challenge For Crafters!

Day 1 (FREE)
(Oct. 2nd)

Day one, we're going to get your mind right! Crafting Christmas magic is all 'bout that joy and skill, baby. We'll kick them pesky doubts to the curb and get y'all pumped to sprinkle some holiday cheer on every single project. 😄✨

Next up, supplies! We are talking about all the must-haves to make your crafts pop this season.

Last but not least, let's crack open the convo 'bout pricing. Y'all know it can get slippery, but we gotchu. We guide you like Rudolph guiding Santa's sleigh, ya heard? 

By the time we wrap Day 1, y'all gon' be rockin' a jolly mindset, a loaded festive supply list, and a solid game plan for pricing that’ll get you both good vibes and good stacks. 🎁💰

So gear up, 'cause Santa ain't the only one comin' to town! 

Day 2 (FREE)
(Oct. 3rd)

Day 2 we're cookin' up some real holiday treats over here – say hello to festive coffee mugs and mouthwaterin' Christmas candies! 

First on the menu, listen, if you're a design newbie, ain't no thang! We'll walk ya through how to pimp out a basic ol' coffee mug 'til it's shoutin' "Merry Christmas" louder than your drunk Uncle Bob. Trust, your a.m. coffee fix is 'bout to level up! 🌟☕

Then, we're takin' a trip to sugar town, baby! We're talking delights that'll make you forget all 'bout that store-bought stuff. And don't sweat, no Gordon Ramsay skills required, a'ight? 🍬🍫

Crank up them Christmas jams, 'cause we're in the spirit now! 🎶🎄

Come the end of Day 2, you'll be all set to create not one, but two, holiday faves that'll have folks singin' your praises!

Day 3 (VIP) 
(Oct. 4th)

On Day 3, listen up, VIP fam, 'cause we're takin' you on a deluxe ride to Stockingville and Gift Box Central! 🎁🧦

First stop, we're talkin' Christmas stockings, but honey, we ain't just hangin' any ol' sock by the fire. Nah, we're making Santa-gonna-drop-his-cookies kind of stockings. 

I'll be your guide on picking out the bombest materials, adding those glam touches, and making sure these bad boys are tough enough to hold gifts season after season. 🎅🏾🧦

Next, buckle up 'cause we're crackin' the code on gift boxes that are basically another gift! Forget those basic boxes; we're making heirlooms up in here! 

I'll walk you through each step, so every corner, every fold, and every lil' embellishment screams, "Merry Christmas, y'all!" 

So, by the time we sign off, my VIP peeps will be packin' two more killer skills to up their holiday crafting game. Y'all ready to shine brighter than Rudolph's nose? 🦌✨

Day 4 (VIP)
(Oct. 5th)

Day 4, my darlings, is where we sprinkle that extra fairy dust and make your holidays glow up! ✨🎄

First off, we ain't just decorating trees, we're making 'em showstoppers with customized ornaments! 

But hold up, we ain't leaving those beauties vulnerable. I'll teach you how to craft special little boxes that keep 'em snug and ready to sell. 

And for the grand finale, y'all, we're getting into the luxe life of Christmas candles. But listen, these ain't just your run-of-the-mill wax sticks. Uh-uh. 

We're creating the kinda candles that say, "I'm the star of this holiday table, thank you very much!" 🌟🕯️

So, by the time the sun sets on Day 4, you'll be armed with all the skills to make your holiday season bling from tree tip to dinner table. 

Are y'all ready to shimmer, twinkle, and make everything fabulous? 🎄✨🕯️

Day 5 (VIP)
(Oct. 6th)

Day 5, my crafty crew, is all about YOU! We're servin' up a Q&A sesh with the craftin' gurus, yours truly included! 🎉

After a week of hustlin' and bustlin' with holiday crafting magic, it's time to spill the tea—or in this case, hot cocoa! ☕🍫 

Get comfy, 'cause we're ready to tackle any questions, curiosities, or 'aha moments' you've had along our festive ride.

Wondering about the nitty-gritty of a specific craft trick? Need some pro tips to level up your Christmas crafting game? Or maybe you're itching to share the crafting joys and woes of the week? 

Honey, we're all ears, and wisdom's our game! 

Bring your burning questions, and let's tie this whole crafty adventure up with a shiny bow of wisdom and holiday spirit. Y'all ready? 

See ya there, fam bammm! 
Here's what crafters are saying... 
"Ever since I dove into the art of crafting with Coach Cassandra's guidance, my earnings have skyrocketed! I can proudly say that I'm now a go-to crafter for Christmas items!"
- Tonya M. Brown 
"If I don't rake in the dough from this Christmas season, it's all on me! Coach Cassandra is serving us the entire Christmas items creation playbook on a silver platter. There's absolutely no reason to not get in the game!"
- LaToya M. Johnson 
"Receiving all this knowledge, served up for free, is downright game-changing. All these Christmas crafting techniques, marketing tactics, and golden nuggets of wisdom are absolutely priceless."
- Jennifer Smith
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Hey friend, I'm Cassandra Smith! 👋🏾

And I've got the key to making Christmas 2023 an absolute blast!

Welcome to The FREE Christmas Challenge for Crafters.

During this 5-day experience, I'll show you how to effortlessly create stunning custom Christmas items, even if you're a total newbie, so you can make that cash register ring more times than ever before. 

We'll dive into design basics, how to craft, how to sublimate, and I'll walk you through the ins and outs of knowing what, when, where, and to whom to sell.

Ready to skyrocket your Christmas items to the next level and sell out?

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