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ATTENTION! Are you ready to take your craft business to the next level for our biggest season yet?? 
Join The FREE 5-Day Grad Season Challenge for Crafters 🎓
Let Coach Cassandra & Tahjanae Take Your Hand And Show You Step-By-Step How To Craft Best Selling Custom Items With Ease! 
(This works even for complete newbies who have absolutely no crafting or sublimation skills)

Lifetime access to replays of the challenge is available on the next page.

 Your Shortcut To Making Grad Season 2023 Your Best One Ever! 
Look At Just One Of The Items You Will Learn...
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 Uncover how to craft bestselling graduation items like graduation fans and more. 
Get let in on the most effective grad season marketing and sales strategies to use for maximum sales. 
Learn how to design graduation fans as a beginner, so you can stop spending a fortune on Etsy designs and create your own. 
 Pull back the curtain on who you should be selling to (kids or parents) and what their particular pain points are, so you can close more sales than ever before. 
LIVE Steams
 Get FREE access to LIVE streams with our proven crafting and sublimation coaches. Replays are available for purchase. 
Bawse Community
 Join a group of ambitious craft bawses on a mission to make the most out of this grad season. 

"Success belongs to those who take action, not to those who sit and watch from the sidelines. 
Are you a doer or a spectator?"
- Cassandra Smith
How the FREE 5-Day Grad Season Challenge Works
The 5-Day Grad Season Challenge for Crafters is an online training designed to give you the skills you need to create and market craft items specifically designed for graduation season.

Each day from April 3rd until the 7th, you'll be able to join our exclusive LIVE streams and get access to world-class coaches who'll take your hand and show you how to craft, market, and sell grad season custom items with ease.

Replays of all live streams are available for purchase. 

Join a thriving group of ambitious crafters on a mission to make grad season 2023 their best one yet!

Spots are limited!

Here’s What You’ll Uncover Each Day Of The FREE
5-Day Grad Season Challenge!

Day 1 
(April 3rd)

On day 1 of Coach Cassandra's 5-day free graduation season challenge, you will learn everything you need to know about selling custom grad items. 

You'll discover the most popular and profitable items to offer, as well as tips and tricks for marketing your products effectively. 

And that's not all – Coach Cassandra will also guide you through the process of pricing your items for maximum profit, so you can earn what you deserve for your hard work and creativity. 

By the end of day 1, you'll have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in the graduation season market and be ready to start creating and selling your own custom grad items!

Day 2
(April 4th)

During day 2, Coach Tahjanae Watkins will walk you through the basics of using Photoshop as a beginner to create stunning fan designs & mockups to showcase your graduation fans.. 

With these new skills, you'll be able to close more sales and stand out in the crowded graduation season market.

Day 3
(April 5th)

On day 3, Coach Cassandra will teach you how to bundle your graduation items to maximize your profits. 

You'll learn the art of upselling, cross-selling, and down-selling to increase your average order value. 

You'll discover the best techniques to package your products in a way that appeals to your customers and makes them feel like they're getting a great deal. 

With Coach Cassandra's guidance, you'll be able to turn a single sale into a multi-item purchase and grow your business faster than ever before. 

Day 4
(April 6th)

On Day 4, Coach Tahjanae Watkins will guide you through the process of assembling your beautiful graduation fans! 

With her expert guidance, you'll learn how to create the perfect folds and secure the handles to ensure that your fans look stunning and hold up over time. 

You'll discover the ideal materials to use for maximum durability and how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to frustration and subpar results. 

By the end of the day, you'll have the skills you need to assemble graduation fans like a pro!

Day 5
(April 7th)

And on day 5 of the Graduation Season Challenge, you'll get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an exclusive live session with established crafters. 

You'll hear their personal success stories and the secrets to their achievements, giving you valuable insights and inspiration to take your crafting business to the next level for graduation season.

They'll share their top tips on building a brand, managing inventory, pricing, and more. 

This is a rare chance to get insider knowledge from experienced crafters who have already achieved great success in their business. 

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best!

What You Can Expect From The FREE 5-Day Grad Season Challenge?

😞 Before the challege....

  • Overwhelmed and powerless to craft Grad Seasons items that people actually buy. 
  • ​Missing out on huge profits during Grad Season. 
  • Worrying about failing to produce something of the same quality in time. 
  • Fear of not being able to find the appropriate materials, supplies, and tools.
  • ​Not knowing how, when, where, or what to sell. 

🤩 After the challenge...

  • Thrilled to finally have the skills necessary to make custom graduation items for customers.
  • ​Confident you can get the most out of Grad Season with jaw-dropping custom items that sell like crazy.
  • Ecstatic to be part of a growing community of crafters who share your passion.
  • Gain marketing knowledge that's worth it's weight in gold to you. 
  • ​Have a queue of customers lining up to get custom grad items from you. 
Here's what crafters are saying... 
"Since learning how to make grad season craft items from Cassandra Smith's program, I can confidently say that May has always been one of my strongest months of the year in terms of income. Moms and dads are simply begging me to take their money! "
- Tanya Thomas Brown 
If I don't make any money this graduation season, it's because I don't want to! Coach C is laying it all out for us for FREE. There's no excuse!
- Brie M. Johnson 
"Having all this information given to you on a silver platter for free is simply life-changing. All the grad season crafts, the marketing strategies, and the gems are worth their weight in gold."
- Sarah Curry 
About Your Host
As Seen On
Hi, my name is Cassandra Smith! 👋🏾

And I know exactly what you need in order to make Grad Season 2023 your best one yet! 

That's why I'm hosting The 5-Day Grad Season Challenge for Crafters. 

Inside, you'll get to learn how to craft and sublimate jaw-dropping custom Grad Season items with ease, how to design as a beginner, along with how, when, where and whom to sell to. 

Are you ready to take your customs business to the next level? 

Then reserve your seat now! 

Spots are limited. ⏳

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