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Join The FREE 5-Day Grad Season Challenge for Crafters 🎓

Discover how to craft and sell custom grad items that rake in the cash in 2024! 

(This works even for complete newbies who have absolutely no crafting or sublimation skills)
Look At Just Some Of The Items You Could Learn...

Graduation Bundle

Grad Shoelace Tumbler

Grad Gift Box & Party Favor Kit

Grad Magazine Covers

Grad Fans

Grad Magazines & Stole

Grad Bundle

GradGift Box

Grad Vest

Grad Marquee Letters

Big Head Fan

Grad Football & Basketball

"Success belongs to those who take action, not to those who sit and watch from the sidelines. 
Are you a doer or a spectator?"
- Cassandra Smith
How the FREE 5-Day Grad Season Challenge Works:
The 5-Day Grad Season Challenge for Crafters is an online training designed to give you the skills you need to create and market grad items that sell out in no time. 

Each day from April 8th until the 12th, you'll be able to join our exclusive LIVE streams and get access to world-class coaches who'll take your hand and show you how to craft, market, and sell grad season custom items with ease.

Replays of all live streams are available for purchase on the next page. 

It's time to make grad season 2024 your best one yet!

Spots are limited!

Here’s What You’ll Uncover Each Day Of The FREE
5-Day Grad Season Challenge!

Day 1 
(April 8th)

On day 1 of Coach Cassandra's 5-day free graduation season challenge, you will learn the right mindset to rake in that cash during grad season 2024. 

We're diving deep into the mindset game right from the jump. It's all about stacking that cash when grad season hits. We ain't just dreaming; we're doing, fam!

But hold up, we ain't stopping there! I'm spilling all the tea on the must-have supplies that'll have you whipping up fire grad gear, batch after batch. 

Quality? Check. 
Consistency? Double check!

And yo, we're about to get techie with it too! I'll walk you through flipping a sublimation printer from zero to hero. 

We're talking popping colors and sick designs on tees, grad caps, stoles – you name it, we're making it pop!

By the time we wrap day 1, y'all gonna be in the zone, ready to slay the grad game with skills that turn heads and wallets that fatten up.  🔥🙌🏾

Day 2
(April 9th)

Day 2's gonna be lit, y'all! 

We're diving into the world of design with Canva.

It's all about making them designs pop and stand out like never before. 

Get ready to unleash that inner designer and create magic that's gonna have everyone double-tapping. 

We're not just learning Canva, we're mastering it, making it our playground for designs that scream "grad season 2024" like nothing else. 

Buckle up, fam, 'cause it's about to get creative up in here! 🎨✨

Day 3
(April 10th)

Day 3's where the heat turns up, fam! 

We're stepping into the spotlight with grad t-shirts and stoles, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 

It's about more than just slapping designs on fabric; it's about creating wearable art that tells a story, that screams celebration. 

We're talking full-on, head-turning pieces that make everyone at the grad party do a double-take. 

Get ready to blend technique with creativity and craft pieces that'll be the talk of the town. 

Day 3, we're making masterpieces, y'all! 

Day 4
(April 11th)

Day 4 is for our VIPs only and we're keepin' it cool with grad fans and turning up the party with some next-level grad party favors. 

It's all about adding that special touch to the celebrations, making them memorable.

We're not just creating fans and favors; we're crafting experiences, memories that'll last a lifetime. 

I'm here to show you how to bring your A-game, making each piece a standout. 

So gear up, 'cause we're about to sprinkle some of that Coach Cassandra magic on these grad essentials. 

Day 4 is where creativity meets celebration, y'all! 🎉🔥

Day 5
(April 12th)

Day 5, we're closing out strong, fam! It's time to get down to business with your girl and my amazing sis, Keisha Rene. 

We're diving into the world of Shopify, turning those creative vibes into cash flow. 

It's not just about making dope grad gear; it's about selling it, getting it out there, and watching your business boom. 

We're laying down the blueprint, showing you the ropes of setting up your shop, getting your brand out there, and making that checkout chime go off. 

Day 5 is where dreams start turning into reality.

What You Can Expect From The FREE 5-Day Grad Season Challenge?

😞 Before the challege....

  • Overwhelmed and powerless to craft Grad Seasons items that people actually buy. 
  • ​Missing out on huge profits during Grad Season. 
  • Worrying about failing to produce something of the same quality in time. 
  • Fear of not being able to find the appropriate materials, supplies, and tools.
  • ​Not knowing how, when, where, or what to sell. 

🤩 After the challenge...

  • Thrilled to finally have the skills necessary to make custom graduation items for customers.
  • ​Confident you can get the most out of Grad Season with jaw-dropping custom items that sell like crazy.
  • Ecstatic to be part of a growing community of crafters who share your passion.
  • Gain marketing knowledge that's worth it's weight in gold to you. 
  • ​Have a queue of customers lining up to get custom grad items from you. 
Here's what crafters are saying... 
"Since learning how to make grad season craft items from Cassandra Smith's program, I can confidently say that May has always been one of my strongest months of the year in terms of income. Moms and dads are simply begging me to take their money! "
- Tanya Thomas Brown 
If I don't make any money this graduation season, it's because I don't want to! Coach C is laying it all out for us for FREE. There's no excuse!
- Brie M. Johnson 
"Having all this information given to you on a silver platter for free is simply life-changing. All the grad season crafts, the marketing strategies, and the gems are worth their weight in gold."
- Sarah Curry 
About Your Host
As Seen On
Hi, my name is Cassandra Smith! 👋🏾

And I know exactly what you need in order to make Grad Season 2024 your best one yet! 

That's why I'm hosting The 5-Day Grad Season Challenge for Crafters. 

Inside, you'll get to learn how to craft and sublimate jaw-dropping custom Grad Season items with ease, how to design as a beginner, along with how, when, where and whom to sell to. 

Are you ready to take your customs business to the next level? 

Then reserve your seat now! 

Spots are limited. ⏳

Who Am I? 
I'm Cassandra Smith - a crafter turned CEO, coach and business mentor.

To me, crafting isn't just a hobby. 

It's my whole heart and soul - it's what I'm here to do!

I've been blessed to guide over 10,000 crafters, turning that spark into a full-blown fire, making bank with their skills.

My love for crafting's got me rubbing elbows with the likes of Magic Johnson, Lamar Tyler, Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s Father), the boss Marcus Lemonis, the legend Jermaine Dupri, and the one and only Issa Rae.

And over the years I’ve learned one key lesson: 
Getting into the right rooms is what skyrockets your business. 
It's all about who you know and who knows you. 

That's where the game changes!

And when you join our fam, we ain't just about makin' cash (though that's a sweet bonus). 

We're about livin' and breathin' this craft life. We're talking bursting through those doors, where your creativity knows no bounds. 🚀

Learning from folks who've walked in your shoes? Priceless.

They've been through the grind, made their marks, and they're here to pass that gold down to you.

We're not just crafting here. We're building empires. We're creating legacies. And you're a big part of this.

So, come on! 

Let's take your skills, your biz, to heights you never imagined. Together, we're unstoppable! 💪🏾

Let’s build something legendary.
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